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Aura offers PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatments as an innovative solution to your anti-aging needs. The highest quality PRP is harvested from a patient’s own blood, providing a naturally occurring injectable for cellular support. The concentrated platelets and included growth factors can be utilized for facial rejuvenation, hair restoration, or combined with fat transfer and dermal fillers for structural support. PRP treatments address your needs for tissue regeneration and cellular repair.

What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma is a concentrated sample of platelets found in your own blood. Platelets are important for the healing process. Numerous growth factors and cytokines are also released by platelets. Together the platelets and growth factors play a key role in tissue regeneration and inflammation reduction. Recent studies have suggested that PRP is a safe and effective treatment option for male pattern and female pattern hair loss.

How Does PRP Hair Restoration Work?

The concentrated platelets release growth factors that signal your body’s stem cells to optimize healing and skin rejuvenation. The high concentration of growth factors and cytokines supports healing and tissue regeneration. By injecting the PRP into the scalp or area of hair loss, it is used to stimulate the growth of follicles, thereby reversing hair miniaturization seen in male and female pattern hair loss.

PRP Hair Restoration Procedure

Platelets, growth factors, and cytokines are harvested from your own blood. These components are injected into the scalp or area of hair loss. PRP helps stimulate the growth of follicles and to activate follicle stem cells. The sequence of injections to the scalp help increase hair regrowth, hair count, and reverse hair miniaturization. PRP for hair restoration can be utilized preventatively, to thicken hair diameter, and to address hair loss. A series of 3-6 treatments spaced two months apart is recommended. Most patients see results in 4-6 months and elect to repeat treatment 1-2 times a year for maintenance.

What Can I Expect from PRP Hair Restoration?

PRP is a relatively new treatment for hair loss showing promising results. The long-term benefits of PRP treatments for hair loss are not yet known. However, PRP has been used in numerous areas of medicine and has been shown to accelerate wound healing, tissue repair, provide skin rejuvenation and thus could be beneficial for hair restoration. To determine if you are an ideal candidate we recommend a consultation to discuss this procedure.

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