Get Rid of Chin Fat With Kybella

Kybella San Francisco CA If you are dissatisfied or self-conscious about fat under your chin, you may want to consider Kybella. Kybella is a prescription based medication that adults can use to improve the appearance of their profile by getting rid of “double chin”. If you have an infection in the area that requires treatment you should not get Kybella. Here is what you should know about this non-surgical and simple treatment.

How it works

Kybella contains a substance called synthetic deoxycholic acid. This acid is a naturally occurring molecule in the body and aids with breaking down dietary fat. When it is specifically injected into the fat beneath the chin, it erases fat cells, resulting in a taut and younger looking appearance. Kybella is fantastic because it generally doesn’t require an intensive followup appointment. once the fat cells are zapped, they’re gone!

During your Kybella appointment, Kybella will be administered by a certified trained specialist. At your treatment you will be given several small injections in the chin area. The number of injections you receive will be determined by how much fat you have beneath your chin. and the desired look you want to achieve.

Should I take off time from work?

Following your Kybella treatment, bruising or numbness are likely but these will soon fade. It is important that you notify your doctor if you develop an uneven smile, muscle weakness, or have difficulty swallowing. If you experience tissue damage or open sores around the injection site, you will also need to contact your doctor. Most patients are capable of going to work within 24 hours.

Common side effects

Typical side effects from Kybella injections are swelling, pain, numbness, or hardness around the injection site.

Preparing for your treatment

Be prepared to tell your healthcare provider about your medical situation, including if you have ever had surgery on your face or chin, if you’ve had medical conditions in the chin area, if you have bleeding problems, or trouble swallowing, and if your are pregnant.

Arrange a consultation

To determine if Kybella is the best treatment for you, contact Aura Skin Spa right away to schedule your Kybella consultation. You can reach our office by calling (415) 788-3800, located in San Francisco, California.

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