Improving your face with Thermage

thermageIt happens to everyone. As we age, our faces and necks change, and for many reasons, including:

  • Loss of muscle tone
  • Thinning skin
  • Loss of underlying fat
  • Dry skin
    Depending on genetics, sun damage and other factors, the face and neck area can be flabby, sagging jowls can appear and the neck can droop. At the same time, the areas no longer have their youthful plump, smooth surface.

Surgical facelifts were developed to help reduce the signs of aging, based on an idea that has modified over time.
Facelifts were designed based on the theory that wrinkles and sagging are caused exclusively by loss of elasticity and expansion of the skin, without consideration for loss of volume in the face. So the main technique was to cut off extra tissue. Today, however, we know that volume loss is one of the most significant contributors to the aging of the face and neck, and that fact has been incorporated into most anti-aging strategies.

The surgical facelift is still a popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedure
But it’s not for everyone. Some people don’t want to undergo an invasive procedure involving anesthesia and a long recovery time, and some simply can’t afford it. Plus, the popularity of non-surgical procedures continues to grow because they can:

  • Reduce or eliminate down time
  • Reduce or eliminate pain
  • Provide impressive results quickly
  • Cost less

So the non-surgical area of cosmetic treatments has been growing at a rapid pace, and includes fillers, Botox and chemical and laser peels, just to name a few. The category also includes devices that deliver radio frequency waves to the skin to improve its appearance, such as Thermage.

This medical device can provide safe and effective anti-aging treatment by filling in the loss of subcutaneous layers and tightening the skin. Thermage acts by delivering heat at variable depths, which causes a kind of “controlled damage.” This causes the body to respond by generating new collagen and by tightening up the skin. And the results can be remarkable.

Learn more about what Thermage can do for you. Call for a consultation appointment today: (415) 788-3800.

Clear and Brilliant can mean just that for your skin

Clear and Brilliant We all know or have met someone who has amazing skin, the kind you notice and can’t help envying. But for the rest of us, our skin can be a source of various struggles, from acne scars and dry areas to oiliness and wrinkles. Many of us are also paying the price for too much time spent in the sun with brown spots and rough patches.

If you’re ready to address these issues with action, it could be time to discover the benefits of Clear and Brilliant laser treatments.

Tackling skin concerns gently, effectively and non-surgically
Whether it’s teenaged acne scars or adults acne, eczema or hyperpigmentation, this gentle laser treatment can improve your skin tone, and with little to no downtime. Clear and Brilliant is a non-ablative fractional laser, considered one of the gentlest options for laser skin resurfacing.

Are you a Clear and Brilliant candidate?
The procedure work best for patients who are looking to boost the results of their regular skincare regimen but aren’t ready for more invasive procedures, such as aggressive laser treatments or surgery.

Full results can be seen in four or five 20-minute sessions
The treatment begins with a numbing cream to help reduce or eliminate pain. The procedure uses a laser with a roller attachment, fitted with plastic bumps that push into your skin. This causes “micro-injuries” that trigger the skin to heal by boosting collagen production. This is how clearer, healthier skin can be generated.

You will look a bit flushed and chapped
The treatment causes the skin to appear wind- or sunburned immediately afterward, and a mask will be applied to calm your face. Most patients go back to their day with a rosy, slightly flushed appearance. The next day, most patients report that their skin looks normal, and they return to their regular makeup routine.

Clear and Brilliant benefits can be yours

  • Improved skin texture and tone
  • Increased firmness and elasticity
  • Reduced pore size

Learn more about Clear and Brilliant
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Releve with Pelleve

PellevéIf nothing makes you feel more like twirling and dancing on your toes than smoother, tighter, more youthful skin, than you need to learn about Pellevé.
Considered a “revolutionary” innovation in the world of skin care, it can treat your facial wrinkles non-surgically, and it’s offered at Aura. Call for your appointment today: (415) 788-3800.

Pellevé is a laser treatment
It precisely heats the deep layers of the skin using advanced radiofrequency technology that doesn’t damage the top layer. In fact, patients describe the procedure as “pleasant” and even “comfortable,” and it can provide immediate, long lasting results.

Heat is the secret
The heat from Pelleve causes the collagen in skin to contract and tighten, stimulating production of new collagen. (Collagen is a part of the skin’s connective tissue that helps it to be firm and supple). Results can be seen and felt, sometimes immediately after only one treatment, including:

  • Improved skin quality
  • Increased firmness
  • Increased tightness

Pellevé can be used on the face to improve everything from sagging skin under the chin and upper eyelids to wrinkles around the mouth, eyes and on the forehead. And more.

Pelleve isn’t like other similar laser skin tightening treatments. Here’s why
The process is often compared to other radio frequency treatments, such as Thermage, but it delivers skin-improving heat in a different way. Pellevé uses a smooth, consistent RF delivery process, rather than pulsed.

You can have a full-face Pelleve treatment in 45-60 minutes, without any kind of anesthesia or skin “cooling” methods needed.

  • During treatment, you will only experience a deep warming sensation as the hand piece touches the treatment areas.
  • After treatments, you can go back to work or have lunch with friends with no evidence that you’ve had a procedure – except glowing skin.

Rarely, some patients will experience some mild redness and swelling, which should dissipate in a couple of hours, or by the next day. But no after-care is required. We do recommend that you always wear sunscreen, but you don’t need to stay out of the sun after Pelleve, as you do with many other skin treatments.

Fraxel DUAL

Turn back time for your skin with modern technology

Our ability to improve the quality and appearance of our skin just keeps getting better. We’re not saying that you should go on ahead and spend lots of time in the sun every day without sunscreen, and we can simply fix it later. The best way to maintain great skin is to protect and take good care of it every day.

But aging has a way of catching up with all of us, to one degree or another. That’s why we can all be thankful for modern skin care technology, such as the fractional laser, which can help improve the appearance of sun damage, fine wrinkles, and aging skin in general. And the results are achieved with little discomfort and little risk.

The Fraxel® laser just took it up a notch

Have you heard about the newest Fraxel® laser, the Fraxel® DUAL? It’s considered much more effective than its sister laser for eliminating brown spots and excess pigment. And improvements in the laser tip make it more effective for treating larger areas, such as our backs, chests and arms.

With Fraxel® DUAL:

  • Healing time can be about one to four days longer than original Fraxel®
  • Sensation of heat (like a mild sunburn) lasts about two to 24 hours
  • Redness lasts about one to four days, if at all
  • Peeling is a bit more visible than with original Fraxel®
  • Discomfort levels during and after treatment are a bit higher

Aura Skin Spa provides skin resurfacing using the Fraxel® DUAL

Now we can help give you smoother, fresher and younger looking skin by reducing wrinkles, the appearance of scars – and we can really zap those brown spots from sun damage. You should notice results after your first treatment, but for maximum results, you will need three to five treatments over about a month and a half.

Your skin never looked so good, starting today

Everyone has unique skin issues, and we have a solution that can help yours. Call us for a consultation, and we can find out if Fraxel® DUAL is the right treatment for you: (415) 788-3800.