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Laser and Light Treatments Available at Aura Skin Spa

Over the years, there have been continued advancements in medicine. In addition, the area of dermatology has continued to improve as well, especially with the addition of laser and light therapies. Dr. Anthony Waechter of Aura Skin Spa is a medical professional well-versed in the variety of treatment options that can be used to improve […]

Improving your face with Thermage

It happens to everyone. As we age, our faces and necks change, and for many reasons, including: Loss of muscle tone Thinning skin Loss of underlying fat Dry skin Depending on genetics, sun damage and other factors, the face and neck area can be flabby, sagging jowls can appear and the neck can droop. At […]

Clear and Brilliant can mean just that for your skin

We all know or have met someone who has amazing skin, the kind you notice and can’t help envying. But for the rest of us, our skin can be a source of various struggles, from acne scars and dry areas to oiliness and wrinkles. Many of us are also paying the price for too much […]

Releve with Pelleve

If nothing makes you feel more like twirling and dancing on your toes than smoother, tighter, more youthful skin, than you need to learn about Pellevé. Considered a “revolutionary” innovation in the world of skin care, it can treat your facial wrinkles non-surgically, and it’s offered at Aura. Call for your appointment today: (415) 788-3800. […]

Fraxel DUAL

Turn back time for your skin with modern technology

Our ability to improve the quality and appearance of our skin just keeps getting better. We’re not saying that you should go on ahead and spend lots of time in the sun every day without sunscreen, and we can simply fix it later. The best way to maintain great skin is to protect and take […]


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