Could acne be a blessing in disguise?

acneOur patients who struggle with chronic acne would not find it amusing if we tried to tell that that there could be something positive about the condition. Acne is unsightly at best, and can also cause physical and emotional scars. But a recent study says bad skin now, could mean younger skin later.

First the science
Researchers from King’s College London have found evidence suggesting that the tendency to maintain youthful skin is linked to the length of our “telomeres.” And as it turns out, people with acne have longer ones, meaning their cells may be protected against aging, according to the lead dermatologist in the study.

But there have long been observations from experts
Skin care professionals have always noticed that some patients have skin that ages more slowly than others. Acne patients often have oiler skin, and as they age, the oil can help keep skin looking plumper and less lined. But now researchers are confirming those observations, and they’ve finally figured out why.

The truth about telomeres
Telomeres are the protective “caps” at the ends of white blood cells, but they gradually break down, shrink, age and die — a normal part of growth and aging. But the length of telomeres appears to be longer in people who have acne so that the deterioration that contributes to visibly older skin, like wrinkles and fat loss, is slowed down.

This one is a stretch, but…
Based on longer telomeres and their relation to skin aging, these researchers think that in addition to extending the youth of skin, long telomeres might also increase life span. It stands to reason that if cells or certain people are aging more slowly, then their bodies should also be aging more slowly. Further research will be necessary to confirm this hypothesis, however.

Enjoy more youthful-looking skin either way
Our acne patients aren’t likely to begin considering themselves genetically blessed, but Aura is here to help. Whether or not you’ve had acne, today’s treatments and procedures can help improve your skin’s appearance, and it can start with a phone call. Make your appointment today: (415) 788-3800.

Clear and Brilliant

Clear and Brilliant can mean just that for your skin

Clear and Brilliant We all know or have met someone who has amazing skin, the kind you notice and can’t help envying. But for the rest of us, our skin can be a source of various struggles, from acne scars and dry areas to oiliness and wrinkles. Many of us are also paying the price for too much time spent in the sun with brown spots and rough patches.

If you’re ready to address these issues with action, it could be time to discover the benefits of Clear and Brilliant laser treatments.

Tackling skin concerns gently, effectively and non-surgically
Whether it’s teenaged acne scars or adults acne, eczema or hyperpigmentation, this gentle laser treatment can improve your skin tone, and with little to no downtime. Clear and Brilliant is a non-ablative fractional laser, considered one of the gentlest options for laser skin resurfacing.

Are you a Clear and Brilliant candidate?
The procedure work best for patients who are looking to boost the results of their regular skincare regimen but aren’t ready for more invasive procedures, such as aggressive laser treatments or surgery.

Full results can be seen in four or five 20-minute sessions
The treatment begins with a numbing cream to help reduce or eliminate pain. The procedure uses a laser with a roller attachment, fitted with plastic bumps that push into your skin. This causes “micro-injuries” that trigger the skin to heal by boosting collagen production. This is how clearer, healthier skin can be generated.

You will look a bit flushed and chapped
The treatment causes the skin to appear wind- or sunburned immediately afterward, and a mask will be applied to calm your face. Most patients go back to their day with a rosy, slightly flushed appearance. The next day, most patients report that their skin looks normal, and they return to their regular makeup routine.

Clear and Brilliant benefits can be yours

  • Improved skin texture and tone
  • Increased firmness and elasticity
  • Reduced pore size

Learn more about Clear and Brilliant
Make a consultation appointment to find out if Clear and Brilliant is the right treatment for addressing your skin’s trouble areas. Call today: (415) 788-3800.

facial rejuvenation

Three things that could be causing many complexion problems

You come to Aura Skin Spa to find solutions to your skin issues – from wrinkles to rashes to acne. We offer procedures in the office and top products to enhance your beauty regime at home — so that you can cleanse, exfoliate, treat, tone, moisturize and block the sun, just to name a few!

You think you’re doing enough, and then…

Your skin doesn’t look so good, and you can’t understand why. It might be time for a professional treatment or to switch up your products (call for an appointment today: 415-788-3800), but it might be something simpler than that. Maybe you’re not getting enough sleep or eating well. Maybe you’ve been drinking a bit too much alcohol and not enough water.

It’s not always the obvious culprits

facial rejuvenationMost of us know that constant stress, lack of sleep and exercise and a poor diet are bound to show on our skin. But there are a few questions you should ask yourself about some not-so-obvious habits that could be contributing to your problems:

1.) Do you constantly have your phone pressed to your face?

Our cell phones are like hand-held germ collection devices, and yet we press them to our cheeks and jawlines – not great for wrinkles, either. So talk on the speaker setting or make sure you consistently wipe your phone with and antibacterial wipe before you put it next to your face.

2.) Do you change your bed sheets often enough?

Your pillowcase can sheets can be a breeding ground for bacteria, and that’s never going to be a good thing for your skin. So to help prevent rashes and breakouts, change your sheets often. To prevent wrinkles, don’t sleep on your face. And consider investing in at least one silk pillowcase as a real treat for sensitive skin.

3.) Are you always touching your face?

Think about all the things your hands touch. And while it’s been shown that constantly sanitizing your hands isn’t a good idea, you should try not to touch your face. Don’t rest your chin on your hand or rub your eyes or forehead without realizing it.



Aesthetician Services

Sensitive or sensitized? Find out!

Seems like more and more of our patients are reporting that they have “sensitive” skin when we are putting together their treatment plans, including procedures and products. And yet, skin experts say sensitive skin is a condition that simply isn’t that common. Did you used to have “regular” skin that you would now classify as “sensitive,” becoming dry and irritated and/or breaking out easily?

True sensitive skin is a genetic condition
It’s usually found in very fair-skinned people of Northern European descent. True sensitive skin is more delicate, in part because it contains lower amounts of pigment, and the blood vessels are closer to the surface, making it prone to redness. Sensitive skin also has a less effective protective outer layer so irritants can easily penetrate more deeply, causing inflammation. Conditions and products that wouldn’t cause problems for regular skin can cause itching, blisters, flushing and breakouts for those with sensitive skin.

Be sensitive to your sensitive skin
Aesthetician ServicesIf you truly have sensitive skin, you may need to pay very careful attention to the ingredients in every product you use. Here are some you might need to use sparingly or even avoid:
• Lanolin (used in many moisturizers)
• Alcohol
• Parabens (preservative)
• Beta hydroxy acids
• Retinols
• Quaternium-15 (preservative)
• Formaldehyde
• Fragrances
A good way to find out if you’re sensitive to certain ingredients is to test it. Apply the product to your forearm and leave it on for 24 hours, checking for redness, itching or blistering.

Be aware of too much care
Aggressive over-use of skincare products and treatments can cause our skin to seem sensitive when it has actually become sensitized, which is not the same thing as actually having sensitive skin. Sensitized skin can be also be caused by environmental factors, including:
• Stress
• Pollution
• Smoking
• Alcohol

Choose an experienced skin care expert
At Aura Skin Spa, we understand that sensitized skin can also be the result of over-exfoliation, even chemical and laser cosmetic treatments. So it’s important that you and your skin care professional work together to keep your skin healthy and happy. Call for your appointment today: (415) 788-3800.

skin care

Are you doing this important thing for your skin?

When it comes to skin care, hopefully your already know (and practice) the five most important basics:

  1. Wash gently
  2. Eat healthy
  3. Drink lots of water
  4. Use sunscreen
  5. Don’t smoke

There’s one more crucial step for making sure you’re doing all you can to protect and improve the appearance of your skin:

skin careMake sure you use a product that contains retinol
Rentinol is considered the most effective anti-aging ingredient available in over the counter products. And many of us were introduced to retinol at an early age, to help with treating acne. As it turns out, the same reasons it’s prescribed for acne are the reasons you should definitely be using it to improve your skin, adult acne or not, by the time you’re in your mid-20s. Why?

Retinol stimulates collagen, increasing skin thickness and elasticity
By starting your retinol use at a young age, you’re strengthening your skin’s foundation and helping it resist wrinkles as you age. And these days, there are many great over the counter skin creams and serums that contain retinoids.

Using retinoids: the basics
The creams contain moisturizing ingredients that can clog pores and cause breakouts for people with oily skin, but dry skinned people can usually benefit from them. Serums are water-based and will usually contain a higher concentration of retinol, which can be beneficial to those with oily skin or prone to acne.

Using retinol can be challenging, but worth it
First-time users will experience some irritation and dryness, so it’s always best to go easy, applying it sparingly, maybe every other day until the skin adapts. Additionally, while the skin around your eyes can definitely benefit from retinols, it can also be easily irritated by the product.

Which product is right for you?
With so many strengths and types of retinoids available, it can be difficult to choose the right product. At Aura Skin Spa, we can evaluate your individual needs and help identify the best treatments and products for your skin. Make an appointment today by calling: (415) 788-3800.

Clear and Brilliant

A beauty editor tells the truth about her skin treatment

The media is full of stories about the latest trends and techniques in skin care. So it’s always really interesting when a real beauty editor undergoes a procedure and tells us about it. A magazine writer recently had a Clear and Brilliant® laser skin care treatment and reported her honest opinion of the procedure and the results. If you’ve been thinking about having Clear and Brilliant®, this is your chance for an eyewitness account. See what you think!

What is it?
It’s a gentle, noninvasive resurfacing laser treatment that’s described as being preventive and restorative. By undergoing a series of monthly sessions, you can ward off early signs of aging and restore damage that’s already happened.

What does it do?
It can even out skin tone, boost radiance, reduce pore size and enhance skin elasticity.

How does it do this?
The procedure drills microscopic holes in the surface of your skin, which sends your collagen into high level healing mode.

What did the beauty editor say?
This writer said she wasn’t ready for a serious laser treatment, but definitely noticed her skin wasn’t looking so great, including a bunch of little brown spots on her cheeks. She blamed it on frequent air travel and a lack of sunscreen use, activities we can all relate to.

What did she experience?
Her technician applied a topical numbing cream and soon after was gliding the small Clear + Brilliant hand piece across cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. She said the sensation was “weird but not unpleasant” — and over in about 10 minutes.

Her results?
She said her face felt somewhat hot and tight, but after a few hours, the heat dissipated. She experienced a bit of redness and mild swelling overnight. For the next three days, she said her skin felt sort of sandpapery, but not dry.

And then she said she looked amazing!
Discoloration gone, no peeling or blotchiness — and by day five she said her face looked plumber and noticeably better than it had in years.  She was definitely sold! And you can be, too. Call for your appointment today: (415) 788-3800.


It’s a great day for skin care Are you missing out?

Skin CareHow many of us remember a time when skin care consisted of Noxema, a sun lamp and Vaseline Intensive Care lotion – on our faces! And there was no such thing as sunscreen!

Modern skin care products have come a long way, and today you can choose from so many amazing and exciting options that it can get confusing. That might cause some of us to prefer the good old days. But that’s why we’re here.

New products do seem to arrive daily, it’s true. The experts at Aura Skin Spa make sure to stay on top of the latest developments so you can relax in the knowledge that we will always help you get the best results possible.

Along with providing the latest in appearance-enhancing procedures – from laser therapies and fat reduction to fillers and microdermabrasion — we are also committed to using the topical products that you know you can trust, and that really deliver.

That’s why we use Obagi. Founded by leading skin care experts more than 15 years ago, Obagi is now a global specialty pharmaceutical company with years of offering products that deliver proven outcomes.

We offer the Obagi Nu-Derm System and the Obagi C-Rx System, both clinically proven to give your skin a healthier and younger appearance. In fact, these unique formulations can transform your skin at the cellular level.

Obagi products are designed to help minimize the appearance of the top seven skin complaints, according to our patients. See if any of these problems on your list:

  1. Skin aging, including fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Sun damage
  3. Discoloration
  4. Acne
  5. Rough skin
  6. Age spots
  7. Pregnancy mask

Are you struggling with one or more? Then Obagi treatments and products may be right for you.

And remember, Obagi skin care products include prescription-strength formulations and are only available from physicians, medical spas and other skin care and medical professionals.

No more missing out. It’s time to get the results you deserve from your skin care procedures and products. Call Aura Skin Spa today for a consultation appointment: (415) 788-3800.