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What is the VI peel and what can it improve?

If you are a patient in the area of San Francisco, California who is interested in rejuvenating your facial skin and addressing superficial skin imperfections, we strongly encourage you to book an appointment with the team at Aura Skin Spa to learn more about a special treatment available to patients known as the VI peel. […]

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Learn more about the Fraxel Dual device at Aura Skin Spa

Laser technologies continue to dramatically improve, and today, lots of patients are able to use this technology for improving their skin. We have many newfound solutions that can assist with combating the effects of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles. Now, with the use of the Fraxel Dual laser device at Aura Skin Spa in […]

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How to improve body contours with Liposonix

Patients who have specific areas of the body that are impacted by stubborn fat, such as the flanks and abdomen, may find that no matter how much they diet and exercise, they are unable to successfully target these areas. Because of this, it can make patients feel self-conscious about their body and result in poor […]

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What is Thermage skin tightening?

Aging skin on the face is one of the first concerns men and women have when it comes to looking older than they truly feel. This is because of collagen and elastin loss that starts in one’s 30’s and continues for several decades. The skin experiences laxity that not only causes sagging, but can contribute […]

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What the Laser Genesis treatment can do for you!

Are you unhappy with the texture, tone, and overall appearance of your skin? Do you deal with problems such as the early signs of aging and excessive redness? At Aura Skin Spa, we have a wide range of services that can help you target specific areas of concern and achieve improved skin health. One of […]

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Learn more about the Fraxel Dual treatment at Aura Med Spa

Adult men and women ready to rejuvenate their skin might be unsure as to where to start. Should they change their daily skincare products? Are there treatments that can be performed at home to achieve results? Is it necessary to visit a professional for help? All of these are legitimate questions that our patients will […]

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Using Belotero to combat the signs of aging

Injectables treatments such as Belotero have been used for years to allow patients to combat the earliest signs of aging while correcting volume loss and augmenting the lips. Belotero is one of many dermal fillers available at Aura Skin Spa with Dr. Anthony Waechter and his team in San Francisco, California. What is a dermal […]

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How VISIA skin analysis helps our team choose the right treatments for you!

Patients who are ready to take charge of their appearance are encouraged to work with a team that offers the latest technologies in diagnostics. At Aura Skin Spa in San Francisco, California, our doctor, Dr. Anthony Waechter, works directly with patients to help them determine the areas of the skin that need improvement and recommend […]

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Add volume to the facial area without manmade materials using a facial fat transfer

At Aura Skin Spa, we have a wide range of solutions for the face and body. When it comes to targeting volume loss in the face, as well as skin laxity that contributes to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, many of our patients want to avoid invasive plastic surgery whenever possible. This is […]

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Tighten facial skin without surgery using Thermage

What if Dr. Anthony Waechter of Aura Skin Spa in San Francisco, California told you that you can enjoy the benefits of a facelift without ever having to go under the surgeon’s scalpel? What if there was a way to achieve a more youthful look in a less invasive manner? If you are curious about […]

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