What is a facial fat transfer and what can it help achieve?

Do you have volume loss in the face but have stubborn areas of fat deposits on the body? Now you can fix both issues at once with a facial fat transfer procedure available at Aura Skin Spa in San Francisco, CA. What is a facial fat transfer? Dr. Anthony Waechter of Aura Skin Spa describes […]

VelaShape for cellulite and body contouring

Dr. Anthony Waechter sees many San Francisco, CA area patients who are interested in improving their skin’s appearance and body’s shape, but have been unsuccessful in doing so with traditional diet and exercise. With VelaShape, these patients can combat unwanted dimpling caused by cellulite while also melting away fat and improving their body contours without […]

Fight the dreaded double chin with Kybella injections at Aura Skin Spa

Men and women who avoid the camera may be doing so because of their double chin. Regardless of one’s overall weight, a double chin may form due to genetics. This excess fat is medically known as “submental fullness” and at one point, could only be addressed with plastic surgery. With continued medical advances, patients in […]

Using Dysport injections to combat the signs of aging

Everyone wants to maintain their youthfulness, but at what cost? While plastic surgery procedures such as facelifts and brow lifts are often considered when it comes to wrinkles and folds of the facial area, there are other minimally invasive options available at most dermatological practices. At Aura Skin Spa, Dr. Anthony Waechter is excited to […]

Fraxel Dual treatment for skin resurfacing

Do you deal with poor skin texture and tone? Does your skin look tired and dull? Are you ready to enhance your skin and revitalize your overall look? At Aura Skin Spa in San Francisco, CA, we are pleased to offer state-of-the-art solutions for common skin concerns. Patients who are considering a resurfacing and rejuvenation […]

Belotero | Aura Skin Care

Using Belotero to enhance your natural beauty without surgery!

While erasing fine lines and wrinkles sounds like a dream come true, how can you actually achieve results realistically? Dr. Anthony Waechter of Aura Skin Spa in San Francisco, CA is pleased to offer solutions for patients in the area who want to turn back time. With the use of dermal fillers and cosmetic injectables, […]

Chemical peel | Aura skin care |

Learn about the VI peel available at Aura Skin Spa

At Aura Skin Spa, Dr. Anthony Waechter and his team are committed to offering a selection of services for the face and body. Patients who are interested in speaking with a professional about chemical peels are invited to request a consultation visit at our office to discuss the benefits of the VI chemical peel. What […]


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