Summertime Sunscreen Tips for Protecting Your Skin

Your skin is a phenomenal organ that protects your body while also revealing your age. As the largest organ you have, your skin needs to be taken care of, particularly during the summer months. The sun’s rays can ruin your skin and lead to the development of skin cancer. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) reports that one in five Americans will eventually get skin cancer. In addition, sun exposure can lead to the development of cataracts, wrinkles, dryness, age spots, and premature aging. Here’s how you can protect your skin this summer.

Sun protection and Sunscreen

Remember, you can still get hit by the sun’s rays when it is foggy, overcast, or misty outside. Sun exposure is possible all year round but is particularly high in the summer. If you are concerned about the health and or beauty of your skin, consider how you can integrate the following sunscreen tips into your daily behavior.

First, wear sunscreen. This simple but often overlooked habit can do wonders to protect your skin. Sunscreen is available in lotions, creams, ointments, gels, wax sticks, and sprays. The trick is to find a sunscreen you like so you’ll use it more. When you get ready for the day, apply sunscreen before heading out the door. If you are visiting the beach, apply at least 1 ounce on your entire body. If you are outdoors for an extended period of time or swimming or sweating, reapply sunscreen every few hours.

Make sure your sunscreen is water resistant so water can’t remove it. Check the label to ensure it is SPF 15 or higher. Keep in mind that your skin can still get damaged from the sun even if you don’t get sunburned. Next, check that the sunscreen provides broad-spectrum protection and will block out UVB and UVA light.

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