More (surprising) ways that fillers can improve your appearance

Injectable fillers San Francisco, CA Injectable fillers, such as Restylane and Juvederm, are quickly becoming some of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatments, and our patients report being amazed at the way they can turn back the hands of time. If you’re used to having your injectable treatments to help fill hollows under your eyes or redefine your cheeks or jawline, you might be surprised to learn about some of the newest uses for your favorite procedure.

For chin wrinkles

Aging and sun damage can take their toll on the chin. The muscles in the chin also contribute to the wrinkly appearance of the bottom of the face, so Botox is a popular treatment for relaxing those muscles to help smooth out the chin. Horizontal lines in the mid-chin area, as well as wrinkles that extend up to the lip line, can be treated with fillers. Together, these popular injectables can smooth the creases and give the chin a stronger profile.

For thighs dents

Fillers can be used to treat dimples and divots on the backs of the thighs, often caused by cellulite and aging skin.  The filler can help lift the skin to improve the appearance of some superficial sagging and cellulite.

For hollow temples

As we age, fat is lost from the temples, causing them to be hollow and sunken. Fillers, such as Sculptra Aesthetic and Juvederm Voluma, can be used to replace that lost volume and give the face a more youthful contour.

For wrinkles on the elbows

Fillers can help the elbows appear smoother by filling out some of the lines and crevices that all that elbow bending can cause.

For earlobe creases

Maybe you don’t think much about your earlobes in your battle against aging, but they can look droopy, thin and wrinkly. Fillers can give back a more natural and youthful shape to the earlobes, as well as help prevent further stretching and widening of pierced earring holes.

For knee wrinkles

Injecting the fine, crepey lines on the knees with Sculptra Aesthetic can help smooth and soften them.

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