Using facial fat transfer to improve appearance

San Francisco, CA | Facial fat transfer | Aura skin Spa During the natural process of aging, patients who are faced with lost volume and fullness to the facial area are often unsure as to options available to them for treatment. While many patients turn to cosmetic injectables such as Botox and Juvéderm, others find that more lasting results are achieved with facial fat transfers. Facial fat transfers are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to restore volume and fullness to the face in a more long-term way. Instead of using manmade dermal fillers to plump areas of the face that have been impacted by natural collagen loss, patients can utilize fat from their own body instead.

What can fat transfers address?

Fat transfers can be used in many different ways around the face. They can be used for the treatment of:

• Fine lines and wrinkles

• Volume loss, specifically in the cheek area

• Diminishing jawline

• Thinning lips

• Droopy eyelids

How does fat transfer work?

Before patients can undergo fat transfer services, they need to find out if they are a proper candidate. By scheduling a consultation appointment with Dr. Anthony Waechter, patients can have a full evaluation performed to see if they can benefit from this or other cosmetic services available at Aura Skin Spa. To complete the fat transfer, patients will choose an area of the body to remove unwanted fat. This may be from the areas of the hips, thighs, buttocks, or abdominal area. This fat is then used to add volume in the facial area to achieve a more aesthetic appearance. The fat harvested from the patient’s body will help reduce fat in unwanted areas, while utilizing it for facial enhancement.

Who is a candidate for facial fat transfer?

Most patients with volume loss in the facial area are considered good candidates for fat transfer, as there are no risks of allergic reactions as the fat is harvested from the patient. Determine candidacy is often done with the help of our doctor at Aura Skin Spa during an initial evaluation appointment.

Are you interested in facial fat transfer services?

Turn back time and improve overall appearance of the facial skin with facial fat transfers. Dr. Anthony Waechter and his team in San Francisco, CA are dedicated to providing a range of services for new and current patients. Contact the office at (415) 788-3800 and visit at 118 Columbus Avenue.

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