What LipoSonix Can Do For Your Waistline

Are you anxious to get rid of stubborn abdominal fat? LipoSonix is an innovative fat reduction treatment that is non invasive with zero recovery time. Here’s what you need to know about LipoSonix.

How it works

LipoSonix results are noticeable after only one treatment. The procedure works by utilizing focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy to get rid of fat cells and contour the body. Here is how the process works specifically: First, the head of the LipoSonix device is pressed onto the designated treatment area. Next, HIFU energy is focused on the treatment area to create a process that reduces fat cells beneath the skin surface. After that, the fat forms a lesion while the skin surface stays unharmed. Lastly, the body eliminates the fat lesion through natural processes resulting in a thinner waist.

What to expect

After your LipoSonix treatment, you will be able to resume your normal day to day activities immediately. With no down time, LipoSonix can easily fit into any schedule, no matter how busy. Patients will recognize a change in their waistline about 2-3 months following the treatment. This is usually the time it takes for the body to process and eliminate the fat that was targeted during the procedure.

The right candidate

If you are near your perfect weight but can’t seem to get rid of that extra abdominal fat through diet and exercise, LipoSonix is for you. You are also a good candidate for this procedure if: you have a body mass index under 30, you are in general good health, you have realistic expectations about LipoSonix, and you can pinch about an inch of fat at your waist.

Arrange a consultation

To find out more about LipoSonix and other fat reduction services at Aura Skin Spa, call us at (415) 788-3800. We look forward to discussing what fat reduction treatments fit best with your lifestyle and physique. We’re excited to help you feel and look your absolute best this summer.

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