Could acne be a blessing in disguise?

acne Our patients who struggle with chronic acne would not find it amusing if we tried to tell that that there could be something positive about the condition. Acne is unsightly at best, and can also cause physical and emotional scars. But a recent study says bad skin now, could mean younger skin later.

First the science
Researchers from King’s College London have found evidence suggesting that the tendency to maintain youthful skin is linked to the length of our “telomeres.” And as it turns out, people with acne have longer ones, meaning their cells may be protected against aging, according to the lead dermatologist in the study.

But there have long been observations from experts
Skin care professionals have always noticed that some patients have skin that ages more slowly than others. Acne patients often have oiler skin, and as they age, the oil can help keep skin looking plumper and less lined. But now researchers are confirming those observations, and they’ve finally figured out why.

The truth about telomeres
Telomeres are the protective “caps” at the ends of white blood cells, but they gradually break down, shrink, age and die — a normal part of growth and aging. But the length of telomeres appears to be longer in people who have acne so that the deterioration that contributes to visibly older skin, like wrinkles and fat loss, is slowed down.

This one is a stretch, but…
Based on longer telomeres and their relation to skin aging, these researchers think that in addition to extending the youth of skin, long telomeres might also increase life span. It stands to reason that if cells or certain people are aging more slowly, then their bodies should also be aging more slowly. Further research will be necessary to confirm this hypothesis, however.

Enjoy more youthful-looking skin either way
Our acne patients aren’t likely to begin considering themselves genetically blessed, but Aura is here to help. Whether or not you’ve had acne, today’s treatments and procedures can help improve your skin’s appearance, and it can start with a phone call. Make your appointment today: (415) 788-3800.

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