Improving your face with Thermage

thermage It happens to everyone. As we age, our faces and necks change, and for many reasons, including:

  • Loss of muscle tone
  • Thinning skin
  • Loss of underlying fat
  • Dry skin
    Depending on genetics, sun damage and other factors, the face and neck area can be flabby, sagging jowls can appear and the neck can droop. At the same time, the areas no longer have their youthful plump, smooth surface.

Surgical facelifts were developed to help reduce the signs of aging, based on an idea that has modified over time.
Facelifts were designed based on the theory that wrinkles and sagging are caused exclusively by loss of elasticity and expansion of the skin, without consideration for loss of volume in the face. So the main technique was to cut off extra tissue. Today, however, we know that volume loss is one of the most significant contributors to the aging of the face and neck, and that fact has been incorporated into most anti-aging strategies.

The surgical facelift is still a popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedure
But it’s not for everyone. Some people don’t want to undergo an invasive procedure involving anesthesia and a long recovery time, and some simply can’t afford it. Plus, the popularity of non-surgical procedures continues to grow because they can:

  • Reduce or eliminate down time
  • Reduce or eliminate pain
  • Provide impressive results quickly
  • Cost less

So the non-surgical area of cosmetic treatments has been growing at a rapid pace, and includes fillers, Botox and chemical and laser peels, just to name a few. The category also includes devices that deliver radio frequency waves to the skin to improve its appearance, such as Thermage.

This medical device can provide safe and effective anti-aging treatment by filling in the loss of subcutaneous layers and tightening the skin. Thermage acts by delivering heat at variable depths, which causes a kind of “controlled damage.” This causes the body to respond by generating new collagen and by tightening up the skin. And the results can be remarkable.

Learn more about what Thermage can do for you. Call for a consultation appointment today: (415) 788-3800.

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