Find more ways that fillers can be your go-to solution

 You might think fillers are just for plumping up and improving the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. And it’s true. Fillers do a great job replacing age-related volume loss in your face. And it’s true, Restylane® and Perlane® fillers can be injected anywhere in the face to fill wrinkles, lines, folds and scars. But what about those of us who have other facial cosmetic concerns we want to correct non-surgically? Look no further than fillers.


Lips a little thin or lopsided?

For lips, Restylane® is the preferred filler.

  • Restylane products are hyaluronic acid based fillers.
  • Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body to firm, plump, smooth and provide moisture to the skin, as well as lubricating joints.
  • Restylane can create volume in the lips, either to plump them up or create symmetry

dermal fillers


Restylane Silk is the latest FDA-approved filler specifically designed for subtle lip enhancement and improvement.

The hyaluronic acid particles formulated for Restylane Silk are smaller than those in other fillers, so the product can even better and more naturally plump the fine lines that form around the lip border.


Re-contouring and defining facial features

Today’s fillers and filler techniques are popular with older and younger patients alike. And the growing number of younger patients is due to all the ways that fillers can improve appearance non-surgically. Younger patients aren’t yet looking to restore what was lost, but to re-contour and define their features and achieve better overall balance. And it’s not unusual for a person in their 20s to have already developed deep lines around their mouths that can be smoothed and restored with fillers. Subtle improvements can restore confidence at any age.


More enhancing effects from fillers

Many concerns that people have about their facial appearance have nothing to do with age or gender. Fillers can help fix:

  • Under-eye hallows (they can be genetic)
  • A nose bump (rather than undergoing surgical rhinoplastly)
  • An undefined nose bridge
  • Undefined chin
  • Undefined lips
  • Uneven lips
  • Undefined cheekbones


What can fillers do for you?

Make an appointment for a consultation today by calling (415) 788-3800. We can talk about your concerns and find out if fillers can be your solution.

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