Three things that could be causing many complexion problems

You come to Aura Skin Spa to find solutions to your skin issues – from wrinkles to rashes to acne. We offer procedures in the office and top products to enhance your beauty regime at home — so that you can cleanse, exfoliate, treat, tone, moisturize and block the sun, just to name a few!


You think you’re doing enough, and then…

Your skin doesn’t look so good, and you can’t understand why. It might be time for a professional treatment or to switch up your products (call for an appointment today: (415) 788-3800), but it might be something simpler than that. Maybe you’re not getting enough sleep or eating well. Maybe you’ve been drinking a bit too much alcohol and not enough water.


It’s not always the obvious culprits

facial rejuvenation Most of us know that constant stress, lack of sleep and exercise and a poor diet are bound to show on our skin. But there are a few questions you should ask yourself about some not-so-obvious habits that could be contributing to your problems:


1.) Do you constantly have your phone pressed to your face?

Our cell phones are like hand-held germ collection devices, and yet we press them to our cheeks and jawlines – not great for wrinkles, either. So talk on the speaker setting or make sure you consistently wipe your phone with and antibacterial wipe before you put it next to your face.

2.) Do you change your bed sheets often enough?

Your pillowcase can sheets can be a breeding ground for bacteria, and that’s never going to be a good thing for your skin. So to help prevent rashes and breakouts, change your sheets often. To prevent wrinkles, don’t sleep on your face. And consider investing in at least one silk pillowcase as a real treat for sensitive skin.

3.) Are you always touching your face?

Think about all the things your hands touch. And while it’s been shown that constantly sanitizing your hands isn’t a good idea, you should try not to touch your face. Don’t rest your chin on your hand or rub your eyes or forehead without realizing it.

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