Get results that exercise and diet alone can’t deliver

Most of us had have had some experience with trying to lose weight. Depending on our goals, it can be a slow and difficult journey. When we do achieve a certain measure of success, it can make us feel quite proud of our efforts.

Weight loss may mean you look better in your clothes, and it can also be an accomplishment that will improve your health by lowering your risk factors for life threatening illnesses, such as heart disease and stoke.

But even while you’re looking forward to a healthier future, you might be disappointed because certain areas of your body haven’t responded to your hard work. You’re not the only one.


Some fat just won’t respond to any amount or type of healthy habits
Many people who’ve lost weight, even significant amounts, tell us about spots and areas on their bodies that don’t seem to respond to exercise and diet. Whether it’s pockets of fat on your hips (love handles) or a stomach that still pooches out — or any other area that you find unattractive and annoying, some pockets of subcutaneous fat simply won’t budge.


It’s time to discover VelaShape™
VelaShape™ You actually can firm and smooth those trouble spots that diet and exercise can’t reach. VelaShape™ is the only FDA approved treatment that can contour, shape and slim your body by shrinking cellulite and reducing the circumference of the treated areas.


Dramatic results without the drama
VelaShape™ features the revolutionary elōs™ combination of bi-polar radio frequency (RF) and infrared light energy, along with a vacuum and specially designed massage rollers that smooth your skin to deliver safe and efficient heat energy. All you do is:
• Relax
• Drink plenty of water
• Exercise as usual
• Experience no downtime
• Experience no pain
• Experience no bruising
And you should see gradual and cumulative results throughout your treatments.


After all your work, are you still hiding your body?
It’s time to call us for a consultation. Make an appointment today: (415) 788-3800.


Diet and exercise habits do matter
While the fat loss is permanent, all fat reduction methods, including liposuction, require healthy habits for best long-term results.

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