Fraxel DUAL

Turn back time for your skin with modern technology

Our ability to improve the quality and appearance of our skin just keeps getting better. We’re not saying that you should go on ahead and spend lots of time in the sun every day without sunscreen, and we can simply fix it later. The best way to maintain great skin is to protect and take […]


Just how smart is SmartLipo? Brilliant!

Have you heard about it yet? It’s kind of like liposuction, but it involves only local anesthesia, a tiny incision, and little down time or recovery. It’s FDA-approved. It’s a laser body sculpting procedure that liquefies and destroys fat cells. It can even tighten your skin. Well, if you hadn’t heard about it, I bet […]

Laser Vein Treatment

Say “hello” to lasers Say “good-bye” to unsightly veins

When it comes to making us look and feel better, seems like there’s nothing that lasers can’t do: surgical procedures, tattoo removal, wrinkle smoothing, teeth whitening – the list goes on. Since the time when lasers were developed for use in defense and industry, about 55 years ago, they have found their way into practically […]


What are you doing for lunch? Here’s a beautiful idea

You could make a PB&J at home, or go out and grab some fast food, or keep working… what to do at lunchtime? How about skipping the food, and instead, have an effective, non-surgical facial treatment that exfoliates the top layers of your face and neck, and could improve the appearance of acne scars, fine […]


Meet the fat destroyer

You know the annoying, unattractive and unwanted inch you can pinch on your stomach – or those love handles that you hate? Maybe you’ve been battling those problem areas with diet and exercise for years. And it seems that no matter what you do, your muffin top just keeps popping up! It’s time to do […]

It’s a great day for skin care Are you missing out?

How many of us remember a time when skin care consisted of Noxema, a sun lamp and Vaseline Intensive Care lotion – on our faces! And there was no such thing as sunscreen! Modern skin care products have come a long way, and today you can choose from so many amazing and exciting options that […]

Think you know everything there is to know about Botox? Think again

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade or so, you might not have heard of Botox. But for the rest of us, it’s probably one of the best-known brands and most familiar words in our vocabulary, whether we’ve used it or not. For those of us who have had Botox injections, […]


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